Yours Truly..

3 Aug

FINALLY!!! For those who are wondering why I’m starting my very FIRST blog entry with the word “FINAL-ly”, that’s becos I’ve been sitting on this for far too loooonnnngggg.. /@_@\”

The idea of a blog came like 7-8 yrs ago while I’m still a young graduate, freshly moulded out of the oven! But due to my PHOBIA >_< towards all IT-related stuff, I've been sitting on it till cows come home, till I'm no longer a sweet young thing.. 

But one dear Fren set a net with me & here I am. Starting my very first entry, cos I DO NOT WANNA LOSE A MAC MEAL/$10 + MY PRIDE  to him!! Haha..

Call me a cheapo cos it's only a Mac meal or 10 bucks but I'm a LEO!! I've got my PPRRIIDDEEE.. N partly cos I really love writing n blabbering about my NAILS, FOOOODDD, SHOPPING & TRAVELLING!!

Like all females, bitching gossiping n nagging are all part of our bio
system. It livens me up & I LUV SHARING NAIL ART & DESIGNS!! DIY & PRO MANI..!

Just imagine my own bare nails have never seen daylight nor been exposed for more than a min & there they go, being lacquered on again daintily  this moment I take the polish off, next moment the colour goes on again!! I've been with these 10 long nails for almost a decade!! Kill me but not my nails– That's what a diehard MANICURE queen I am!!

While my peeps n pretty gals out there blog abt the latest eye contact lens, fake eyelashes, best mascara & bb cream, i'll be like "Fu** it! Do I have to put those falsies on every morning only to peel them off at the end of the day??" Too much hassle for beauty's sake!! I'd rather be BEAUTIFUL in other ways! N-A-I-L-S yes!! I can colour them like putting on eyeshadow, draw on nail art like eyeliner & they can go to bed with me w/o being removed!! Haha.. Not till my next manicure session at least'!! 

Well enough said n just in case u're already dozing off!! Here's some pics of my lovely nails!! Enjoy!!








Hello world!

3 Aug

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Happy blogging!